Services Offered

Goal of Care

North River Family Chiropractic's goal of care is to improve the function of the body as a whole through specific detection, anaylsis and correction of veterbral subluxation.  The clinical method of this process is unique to Chiropractors.  Veterbral Subluxations interfere with the function of the nervous system, which controls all bodily function.  When interference occurs in the spinal cord and nerve system, there is a reduction in the body's ability to heal and operate properly.     

Techniques Used

North River Family Chiropractic utilizes an array of different and specific chiropractic techniques and adjustments.  Each adjustment is unique to the patient's needs, and delivered in a gentle and honorable way.  The intention behind these adjustments is to correct vertebral subluxations, so as to ease the body's natural healing response, and restoration of proper function.


The term Doctor means "teacher".  In the spirit of this understanding, we will make every effort to ensure that we provide you with important information that will postively effect your health.  Additionaly we will be clear and precise in our communication so that you will understand every process of our care.

Promise to the Patients

North River Family Chiropractic's office enviorenment is one of warmth, professionalism and respect.  Our number one promise is to provide loving service and quality care for you and your family.    


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