ChiroThin™ in Hingham

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Lose 20-35 pounds SAFELY in just 6 weeks!
No Exercise, Drugs, Prepackaged Food, Shakes, or Bars!

How does it work?

The ChiroThin Weight Loss Program in Hingham combines a very low-calorie diet in combination with dietary modification, nutritional support formulas, daily supervision, and weekly check-in visits. This helps you lose weight quickly and safely, without starvation and supports long-term weight loss. The ChiroThin formula is doctor-created and has been specifically blended to aid in boosting metabolism, suppressing hunger/cravings, reducing fat cell mass, reducing insulin resistance, increasing fullness, and detoxifying your body.

What makes this program different?

The ChiroThin™ Program is based on a low glycemic index and anti-inflammatory diet. The ChiroThin Program includes the consumption of complex carbohydrates and is not a "protein-only" program. Participants are provided with guidelines, strategies, and tools to help them increase their chances of long-term weight loss success and keep them healthy long after the program has ended.

Is it safe?

YES! The ChiroThin Program is extremely safe! All patients are prescreened for complicating factors, poor prognostic indicators, and contraindication. Participants are monitored daily, have access to daily communication and weekly check-in visits.

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