Patient Testimonials

"I was tired of being in pain and having pills thrown at me. I wanted to FIX the problem. Now that I have been seeing Dr. Adam, I finally feel like me again! I'm so happy!"

- Stacey M.

"If you really want to stay ahead of your health get into North River Family Chiropractic care and just do exactly what they say. I promise-your body will thank you for it!!"

- Rick M.

"Where should I start when listing the changes since I began care!?! My body has become more friendly, my sinus headaches are gone, my neck tightness has improved so much!! My sleep, energy levels, digestion and mood are great! The adjustments have made a tremendous change!"

- Dianne O.

"At North River Family Chiropractic they treat every patient like you are their only patient. They are organized and go above and beyond than any other Chiropractic office I have ever seen. Since starting care I have noticed more energy throughout the day, my allergies have improved, I am sleeping better and most importantly I feel like I am in a better mood overall!"

- Matthew G.

"I had severe pain in both of my shoulders and was recommended physical therapy. Although it worked for a while, the pain returned. My brother and his wife both highly recommended that I go see Dr. Adam. I can now say that may pain is a thing of the past! My shoulders feel much stronger, I even feel an overall sense of well being. Even my golf game is improving! Dr. Adam is not only a great Chiropractor but also a nice and caring person. As it was my first time ever with a Chiropractor, he made me feel very comfortable with everything. It's also wonderful to be greeted by Jess as you walk into their office. She too is always so pleasant, understanding and happy to see you!"

- Alice B.

"We originally came to North River Family Chiropractic for ADHD, neck pain and to have our newborn adjusted after she was born. Since beginning care we have noticed less pain, headaches and sickness. We have overall better moods and health as well as added energy. Chiropractic care is important to included in your health routine to gain overall optimal health. North River Family Chiropractic is a great office with wonderful people that truly care about helping people stay healthy. The three of us wouldn't feel complete without our Chiropractic care!"

- Lindsay M.

"Dr. Adam goes after the problem. He is a doctor that you go to if you want to get better. I now have no pain, am straighter, experience much better sleeping and better moods! I have had great success at North River Family Chiropractic!"

- Dave C.

"Courteous and professional-worth trying. I never thought I would go to a Chiropractor but I am so glad that I did!"

- Susan G.

"I got the best results in all my years doing chiropractic from the time I spent at NRFC. Dr. Adam is truly passionate about helping people and it shows in his approach. I wish I could bring Dr Adam to the Raynham area."

- Tony L.

"I didn't see any light at the end of the tunnel for my hot flashes. I decided to try Chiropractic for my menopause issues, headaches and to improve my overall health. I have notice the following changes: No Headaches, my hot flashes subsided, I have not experience any Viruses or illness and my overall health is excellent! Dr. Adam promotes your overall health! North River Family Chiropractic is great!"

- Cindy M.

"I first began seeing Dr. Adam to help with my issues of heartburn, my knee and general posture. I am happy with the changes that I see: I now experience no heartburn and I have better posture. Correction of your spine can help a number of problems you have throughout your body!"

- Pamela M.

"Dr. Adam and Jess take care of you like you are family. Since starting care, I have decreased to little headaches, improved flexibility, improved sleep, zero back pain and A LOT more energy. My overall health has improved."

- Christine S.

"Dr. Adam takes the time to understand your personal situation and works with you to make it better and get you healthier! I'm sleeping better, moving easier and feel better all around."

- Corey M.

"I have been under chiropractic care for many years. I recently started going to Dr Adam for my regular wellness adjustments. He's very nice and takes the time to explain everything. I highly recommend him, he's awesome!"

- Lisa L.

"I was the biggest skeptic concerning Chiropractic care. I never thought I'd let myself be treated by a Chiropractor. I am proud to say I could never have been more wrong! Dr. Adam and Jess make an incredible team. I will recommend North River Family Chiropractic to everyone!"

- Dan M.

"I thought I was too stiff to be adjusted and I was put at ease by Dr. Wadel. He heard my fears and showed me that adjusting can be done gently. Since beginning care, I now have vast improvement in my range of motion!"

- Joanne D.


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